More Exciting than War and simultaneously More Regenerative than Peace

2022-12-01 Mass casualty triage guidelines revised [my old days]

_ I took part in Wildness First Aid continual education training today.

_ I believe I was trained START triage when I became a volunteer for Oregon Portland city Neighborhood Emergency Team. I was aware that the triage was moved to a bit different one. I got to know more details about SALT triage today.

_ Please find more details about SALT triage with web site below.

2022-11-29 updated back ends

_ I updated back ends of my web server. My web host OS was FreeBSD. I moved to Ubuntu.

2021-10-13 Asian Asia Group Work [my old days]

_ This is group work focusing on Asia and Asian. All people with and without race and regional identities are welcome. I had dream with short experimental meeting with diverse couples and people including Korean and Chinese people. I worked on the dream and decided to create a group.

10/10/2021 - 8:45 am - 9:45 am japan time 10/9/2021 - 4:45 pm - 5:45 pm Portland, Oregon time (PST)

Please express your interest. You will receive the zoom link.

more detail please see facebook event page below:

2021-03-26 FreeBSD 12.2 upgrade

_ Upgraded to FreeBSD 12.2. tDiary stopped working.

the message was

"freebsd Could not find rake-13.0.1 in any of the sources (Bundler::GemNotFound)"

looks like system could not find gem and bundler.

I went to new location /usr/ports/devel/ruby-gems

uninstalled old version by

> sudo make deinstall

> make install RUBY_VER=2.6


> gem install bundler

I went to tDiary directory

> bundler

everything was fixed.

2020-10-15 COVID-19 statics video compareing countries [my old days]

_ COVID infection number can taken 16 to 50 times different depending on how people are handling.

Death number also can be handled 2 times to 5 times different that more realistic number.

So I trust death number than infection number.

I also see many statics use just numbers but when you compare you need to use per capita, otherwise you can not compare the quality of interventions.

2020-09-10 Multnomah County Windfire


Air Quality forcast

EPA AirNow interactive map Please click "loop"

EPA AirNow Oregon. Please click "AQI Loop".

EPA AirNow Current AQI Portland Please click "AQI Loop". the fire name is Riverside. You can check smoke forcast.

Wildfire Dashboard. freeway etc is more visible. RAPTOR Public 2D

Oregon State Wildfire Dashboard

Portland Oregon AQI Air Quality Index

2020-01-13 Process Oriented Relationship work video

_ I uploaded Process Oriented Relationship work video based on my master program's graduation project.

2019-12-15 Let's start again [my old days]

_ I am excited to start my web article again.

I rent a office at WCC (Wise Counsel and Comfort). This is my web page at WCC.